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STEP 1: Complete the Registration Form

STEP 2: Payment to be received/confirmed - Click to Pay

                 Initial Annual Registration $89 (Includes SwimPak w/personal swim gear, and family swim events)

                 Monthly Lesson Fees: 2-30 min lessons/wk minimum ($48 x 8) = $384

                 The monthly fee covers your 8-30 minute slots for 1-4 swimmers of similar abilities

                *See our Family and Friends program details below

STEP 3: Scheduling Your Lesson Days (2 per week minimum)

                 Once payment has been made, we will confirm your schedule in as soon as 24 hours.

                 If your preferred time slots are not immediately available, we will discuss options with you.

                *Your payment will be fully refundable if your lessons are not initiated.

What is our Family and Friends (F&F) Program: Atlanta Aquatics has not yet returned "open" group lessons, but expects to do so during May and June.  We continue to offer Family & Friends, where you select your group of students.  Just remember...the more swimmers in your class (up to 4 swimmers), the better the discount per swimmer per lesson. You make your own COVID-smart group class.  See the calculator below to assist you if you are sharing the cost of your F & F group with others.   
If you have any questions, feel free to text me at:

Family and Friends Program: Swimmer Cost Calculator
Total payment for your F & F group lessons will be $384 monthly, renewable.
1 Swimmer-Private: $48 per 30 min X 8 Classes = $384 ea.
2 F & F Semi-Private: $24 per 30 min X 8 Classes = $192 ea.
3 F & F Swimmers: $16 per 30 min X 8 Classes = $128 ea.
4 F & F Swimmers: $12 per 30 min X 8 Classes = $96 ea.
* Minimum 2 - 30 minute classes per week for your F & F group


Group Lesson Option Returning May 2022: Atlanta Aquatics will now begin to schedule Group lessons on a space available basis.  Group lessons are $159 monthly (two lessons per week).  The annual registration fee due is $89, which includes the initial student Swim Pak with mesh backpack, fins, goggles, kick board and noodle.  Your group class will have 2-4 students of similar age or ability.  Lesson fees will be due the 15th of each month to hold your lesson time slot(s) for the next month.  The Group lesson fee includes 1 make-up lesson monthly for any reason.  A second make-up lesson monthly due to illness will be accepted.  There are no partial month discounts or carryforward credits.