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Frequently Asked Questions

What age should my child start lessons?

Participating in swim lessons from a young age is very important. We here at Atlanta Aquatics believe the earlier the better. Participating in year round swim lessons is the most effective way for them to become a safe and confident swimmer. Consistency is key because children may have to relearn the same skills if they take gaps between learning new skills. We are looking to inspire young swimmers to create a safe, but exciting swim environment.

How does the instructor teach the class?

We are striving to provide the most premier swim lessons when it comes to actively learning in the water. Most instructors will have group classes and still pull kids for 1 on 1's leaving the other kids not doing anything! At Atlanta Aquatics we will have your child actively moving and learning for at least 28 out the 30 minutes in the class. This is for both privates and group lessons. Allowing students to always be actively learning.

My Child was level "X" at their previous swim school. What level will the be with Atlanta Aquatics?

Except for group classes, which are separated by age, we do not separate swimmers based on age or ability. Our instructors are trained to maintain multiple skill levels at the same time - the biggest reason for out smaller class sizes.

How much swim time will my child get during a swim school?

At their previous swim school they only got to practice a few minutes out of their lesson and did not progress. All swimmers in group lessons move at the same time. Generally speaking, your child should be moving 28 out of 30 minutes. 

How long will it take my child to learn to swim?

Every swimmer learns at a different pace. From a complete beginner, some may take a few months while others may take a year or more. The most important thing is to stay consistent, come to lessons frequently, and reinforce skills by discussing it with your child outside of the pool. The only kid who doesn’t learn to swim is the kid who quits.

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