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Our Mission

We are committed to providing top-notch facilities, expert guidance, and a supportive community, ensuring every individual can confidently explore and thrive in the world of swimming and diving.

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Experienced Instructors

Our instructors and diving professionals blend technical expertise with personalized guidance, ensuring each learner's unique strengths are recognized and developed.

Meet Our Instructors

Get to the heart of Atlanta Aquatics through our team of dedicated aquatics experts

With a shared passion for water safety, swimming, and scuba diving, our diverse team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to every lesson and adventure. From our certified instructors to our friendly support staff, each member of our team is committed to making your aquatic journey safe, enjoyable, and memorable. Discover the faces behind the scenes and the stories that drive our commitment to providing exceptional aquatics education and experiences.


Coach Audrey

With 13 years in aquatics, Audrey's background spans lifeguarding, officiating, and competitive swimming. Her immense passion for teaching all ages stems from a firm belief: 'Swimming skills are as crucial as riding a bike.'


Coach Shanna

Coach Shanna is a mom to 2 beautiful children. She loves teaching children and adults of all ages! She spends her free tome with her friends and family doing Zumba. She is always happy and bubbly with her lessons!


Coach Cameron

Coach Cameron is a highly experienced Lifeguard and swim instructor. He is always happy to teach and gives his best to all of his lessons. Cameron is working towards furthering his career with scuba and has proven to be a quick learner.

Diver exploring the ocean

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